Terms and Conditions of Services


Our placement fee will be one month’s salary to 12% of annual income depending on the scarcity and seniority of the positions sourced for.

This fee is payable upon the appointment of the candidate and should the candidate leaves the client’s employment within the first 2 months, we will find a suitable replacement free of charge.


All seconded temporary or contract staff s are hourly rated or monthly salaried.

Hourly or monthly rates are inclusive of :

  • Employee’s salary and statutory requirements(e.g. Central Provident Fund contribution, Levy )
  • Administrative support (e.g. sourcing, screening & Interviewing,Work pass application)
  • Medical benefits and Insurance coverages
  • Project completion bonuses (if any)
  • Prevailing overtime rates apply for works in excess of base work hours.

Hourly or monthly rates are exclusive of :

  • Annual leaves, medical leaves, child care leaves, maternity & hospitalization leaves and all gazetted leaves and public holidays per Ministry of Manpower Singapore.